Raiffeisen x Bosnia Agile TECH-MEETUP-01 with Rudolf Grötz & Nihad Ajanović | 21. juni, 2022.

From Juni 21, 2022 18:00 until Juni 21, 2022 20:00
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So that Raiffeisen Bank International can keep up with digitization in the banking sector, the company relies on the use of native apps, microservices, and REST APIs in the Amazon cloud when implementing its mobile banking strategy.

In order to support the DevOps mantra "Automate everything", a full-stack test automation strategy was developed that is based on open source tools and takes all components of the system architecture into account.

The independent services of the microservice architecture make additional interfaces visible that are not available in a monolithic architecture. The advantage is that they can be deployed and tested independently of each other.

Testing these systems is much more complex than testing a conventional monolithic application and needs additional demands on test automation, with classic integration tests being even more important for the overall structure.

These integration tests were usefully supplemented by consumer contract tests. But end-2-end tests should not be missing either, since an effective test strategy must take into account both the isolated testing of individual services and the verification of the overall system behavior.

Aligning test automation with the classic test pyramid is a very useful approach if the individual layers are seen as the basis for “what is being tested” and not as a measure of the number of tests. Because the old wisdom still counts: “Quality over quantity!”.


Target audience: testers, developers, architects, managers

Prerequisites: none


About the speaker: 

Rudolf Grötz has been in IT for 30 years and has been a passionate software tester since 2008. He works as an agile engineering coach for the topic & test automation at Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna and lives the motto "Test automation is not an act, test automation is a habit!". In addition to various author activities, including for IX-Magazin, he organizes the Agile (Test) Automation Meetup in Vienna and the TestBustersNight Vienna 6 times a year.

Nihad Ajanović is an Enterprise Integration DevOps and one of the first employees to participate in the Agile Approach to projects at Raiffeisen Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is especially proud of the Mobile Banking project, which is also the first project in RBBH done with Agile methodology. The main focus of DevOps business in an agile environment is process optimization, resource optimization, continuity sustainability, implementation time, etc.

His topic is DevOps culture in Agile Methodology.


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