Last month, I had a chance to attend one of the biggest Agile and IT conferences in our region, 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, which was held on April 27th in Belgrade. 

This year main topics were Agile methodologies, leadership and software development. 

It became clear already on the registration that there is a large number of attendees. Opening Keynote started half an hour later because of the big line on the registration.

The conference started with the opening Keynote “Why 21st Century Leadership and Agility Go Hand in Hand” by Bob Hartman (known as Agile Bob) - board member of the Scrum Alliance since 2015. Bob was talking about management and leadership, explaining the importance of leadership over management. Not only teams, organizations should be Agile as well.

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The Scrum guide states that “the Product Owner is one person, not a committee”. To my understanding this is mainly to ensure a project set-up where a development team has a single source of knowledge on a problem they are trying to solve. There should not be a committee because it is likely that there would be a conflict of interests and opinions among committee members. They would probably need more time to reach a consensus and if the differences are such, they might even start making favors to each other in a form of compromises, and making compromises, on the product features, is not the way to maximize the value of the end product. Different committee members might even start approaching the development team independently – that would lead to a circle of misunderstandings and a waste of time and effort. It sounds very reasonable to have only one product leader.

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Mnogi tradicionalni projekti počinju sa Software Requirements Specification (SRS) dokumentom. Onda se u nekom momentu implementacije projekta donese odluka o primjeni agilnog pristupa. Postavlja se prirodno pitanje: Da li SRS dokument može služiti kao product backlog agilnog projekta? Razmišljanja nekih timova idu tako daleko da bi kompletan SRS dokument pretvorili u product backlog sa korisničkim pričama (user stories). Hajde da razmotrimo da li je to potrebno.


Prije nego se posvetim odgovoru na ovo pitanje, želim pojasniti šta ja podrazumjevam pod specifikacijom zahtjeva software-a odnosno SRS-om. Uvidio sam da ovaj tip dokumenta izrazito varira u sadržaju i formatu od kompanije do kompanije. Ipak, generalno pod ovim podrazumjevam dokument pun izjava tipa "Sistem treba...".

Ovdje možete zamisliti bilo koju vrstu tradicionalnog dokumenta sa zahtjevima i moji savjeti bi trebali biti primjenjivi. Ovo se posebno odnosi na bilo koji dokument sa pobrojanim, ugniježdenim zahtjevima, bez obzira da li je svaki zahtjev zaista počinje sa "Sistem treba ...". 

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Do you like drinking a cup (glass) of tea? Ever had a tea bag that was torn? Spreading tea leaves in your tasty drink?

Then you know that such leaves circulate wildly and chaotically throughout your tea when you stir it, add water, or drink it. Science is somewhat more precise about the behavior of such leaves, calling it the tea leaves paradox, but let’s just stick with our more direct observations.

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Authors: Emina Kreštalica, Amir Zuka, Omer Gegić, Jasmin Heljić

Oct 7, 2014


JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo is strategically important company for our country. Success of the company is confirmed by continuous growth of revenue and profit. JP EPBiH is the first company in FBiH with the revenue that exceeded a billion KM (business results in 2013). Thanks to significant material resources, power facilities and its people, Elektroprivreda BiH is the biggest electric power company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the leader of electricity production in Bosnia and Herzegovina and important participant on international market.

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