Agile teams build high-quality products. Agile team members write high-quality code. Agile teams produce functionality quickly by not sacrificing quality.

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If story points are an estimate of the time (effort) involved in doing something, why not just estimate directly in hours or days? Why use points at all?

There are multiple good reasons to estimate product backlog items in story points, but there is one compelling reason that on its own is enough to justify the use of points.

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Scrum is elegantly deceptive. It is one of the easiest frameworks to understand yet is one of the hardest frameworks to implement well. I say “implement well” because Scrum’s inherent simplicity can seduce us into thinking it is easy to do, when in reality it can take years to do it well. Scrum seems to go against all that we have learned in our many, many years of waterfall development. It stands to reason that it will take us a while to unlearn our bad habits and adjust to a new reality.

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My first experience with agile methodologies was a XP project in a software house (based in Leuven, Belgium) that was implementing a migration of a huge 30 year old mainframe system into Java (jsf, kodo, Oracle, Sun) platform. During that year, back in 2005, I witnessed a fast transformation of a big, old fashioned and slow (RUP) team into an extremely efficient XP machine.

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Scrum is one of the agile frameworks for organizing and managing development process. The product developed is usually a software, but Scrum can be successfully applied in other areas. Name of the framework relates to the common way of restarting the game of rugby.

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