From September 25, 2014 13:00 until September 25, 2014 17:00
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Bosnia Agile is coming to Tuzla! We are organizing an Agile meetup in cooperation with Denis Rudonja - a Soft Skills Trainer, and American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Attendees will first have a chance to learn about basics of Scrum, by certified Professional Scrum Product Owner Enis Zeherović, and then to participate in a great "Team Work" training that explains all the soft skills Scrum team or any other team needs to have to work smoothly. If you are curios, and can not wait until meetup, learn what is Agile and Scrum by reading articles What is Agile Development? and/or What is Scrum?





·        About Bosnia Agile

·        Introduction to Agile with Scrum

Team Work:

·        Teamwork phrases (forming, storming,norming, performing, mourning)

·        Feedback forms: 

o   Sandwich

o   RSVP

o   Corrective

o   Constructive

o   Negative

·        Writing communication


This meetup is intended for anyone working with Scrum-om or plans to do it. Meetup is especially interesting for:

  • Project managers,
  • Product managers,
  • Product owners,
  • Team leaders,
  • Developers,
  • Scrum Masters, and
  • other participants in agile development.

Welcome to the meetup!



25.09.2014, Tuzla at 11:00 AM - 15:00 PM

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
BKC (Bosanski Kulturni Centar)
Mije Keroševića Guje 3
75000 Tuzla


Participation is FREE OF CHARGE

The number of participants is limited to 40 seats, so hurry up and register for free.



Enis Zeherović is Software Engineer with experience in traditional and agile software development. Some of roles he performed are Team Manager, Quality Assurance/Quality Control engineer, owner and project manager for development of test automation frameworks. He is also, Consultant for Software testing and HP Software products. Through learning and investigation of test processes in Agile, he helps other to implement Agile Methodologies and to test in right way in Agile environment. He is certified Professional Scrum Product Owner and active Agile evangelist in his company and outside.



Denis Rudonja, MSc Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Informatics. In addition to full-time study at the University of Sarajevo, Denis successfully completed the Cisco Academy. Before the start of his studies, he perfected debate (oratory and presentation) skills. He was a member of BH debate team at the World Debating Competition in 2005. He also served as a vice president and Youth Council of the City of Sarajevo, with whom he participated in a peace summit European youth. He worked on a radio and television projects for a couple of years. 

Since 2007, he is an active member of EESTEC in Sarajevo and in 2008 he became a board member for LC Sarajevo. He was the first training coordinator and one of the founders of the International EESTEC training system. In 2010, Denis was elected for the first president of the EESTEC International in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Participation in a number of projects has helped him to gain extensive experience in the planning, organization and presentation projects. Some of the most important projects are: T4T - Training for Trainers; JobFair - Job Fair for students and graduates of technical and technological faculties; Media Sapiens - training project on methods and tools in communicating with the media. 

Since 2008 he is a certified "soft skills" coach, and his field of interest, as a coach, are primarily based on leadership, motivation, presentation and communication skills, team management, feedback, and project management. He is currently employed as a Infobip software developer. 

Today, his training is a way to perfect your knowledge of new methodologies from various fields of human skills, but also to stay in touch with friends from all over Europe.

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