Become Bosnia Agile Member

Who can become a member?

Any person who wants to become a member and who believes that membership in Bosnia Agile would contribute to the professional and personal development can become a member of the Bosnia Agile association.

Member rights

Member duties

Membership fee

Members of Bosnia Agile association are required to pay a symbolic membership fee. The amount of the membership fee is:

1 year: 36 KM
2 year: 66 KM
3 year: 90 KM

By paying the membership fee, members directly supports the functioning of Bosnia Agile association to the benefit of its members and the community in general.

How to become a member

The process of becoming a member of Bosnia Agile association is completed by filling the Membership form and paying membership fees. Membership is not active until the registration fee is not paid. 

You will receive the bank details for paying the membership fee after completing the form. Your membership begins at the moment of payment the membership fee and lasts until the end of the period for which you have paid the fee.