On February 2, we organized another Scrum Product Owner traning. It was led by our trainer Nermina Durmić, and participants who joined us come from BH Telecom, Comtrade, Jamax, Raiffeisen Bank, Klika, Java Language Zone, A-net.  Having very little time for a break, through interactive exercises we learned about main responsibilities of a Prodyct Owner, and Scrum concepts that define this role.

Thank you to our participants for a nice atmosphere, and we wish them luck on the certification exam!

On Wednesday and Thursday, November 29+30th 2017. Bosnia Agile has organized yet another successful training on the topic of Agile IT Projects Management focusing on the client side. Training was led by our trainer Kemal Bajramovic with participants from BH Telecom, Raiffeisen bank Bosnia and Herzegovina and DM-drogerie markt Bosnia and Herzegovina. We had very interesting discussions on the number of topics of interest for the participants and we enjoyed the time we spent sharing knowledge, practices and ideas. 

Here's the feedback from one of the trainees: 

„I gained all elements, insights and foundations necessary to start managing projects in an Agile manner while continuing to research and learn on the topic. I would especially emphasise the quality of lectures and the ability of trainer to present knowledge, complement the theory with practical examples, and compare different approaches.  I would definitely recommend this training to everyone.“

On November 28th, 2017 Bosnia Agile and Atlassian User Group Bosnia co-hosted a meetup on two subjects: Applying Lean Principles and Implementing help desk function using JIRA Service Desk

Our distinguished lecturers Lejla Vulović and Elvis Haračić demonstrated their practices and insights on those subjects. 

Based on the feedback of some 20 participants the meetup was very successful. We are looking forward to the new gathering.

Wrap up of the meetup is available here.

Read more: Meetup on Lean process and JIRA Service Desk implementation successfully held

On October 5th, 2017 Bosnia Agile and Atlassian User Group Bosnia co-hosted a meetup on the subject of managing software product versioning. Our distinguished lecturer Admir Tuzović demonstrated his practices and insights on how to properly define and set software versions, how to implement large new features and release smaller ones at the same time and what to do when your new features are halfway complete and you need to deliver an urgent hotfix. 

Based on the feedback of some 24 participants the meetup was very successful. We are looking forward to the new gathering.

Wrap up of the meetup is available here.

Member of Bosnia Agile team Nedžad Junuzović held a lecture on the topic "Introduction to agile product development” in the premises of Networks business center on 22.09.2017.  A lecture has been held according to the agenda:
  • Basic concepts
  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Adaptation of the development life cycle according to the requirements of a specific project
Meetup was organized for three-week course participants, in CGP organization organizations, in which students had the opportunity to design a CAD tool and on a 3D printer to realize a fully functional robotic IoT arm. "CGP design team" is a team of young mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and programmers primarily formed to support younger colleagues. CGP team implements the above mentioned support by organizing professional trainings with the intent of transferring the acquired experience through various projects.
One of the most recent and perhaps most interesting projects of the CGP team is the development of the 3D model of the sporty motorcycle PINKI in the Solidworks program, which has made great success within which a team of seven mechanical engineers managed to engineer a sports motorcycle comprised of about 2,500 parts. The project lasted about one and a half year and after a part of the students formed ARGER, the rest were immediately employed by various companies. The success of the CGP team is also reflected in the fact that their services and 3D models are now used by renowned companies such as nVIDIA, 3DS Dassault, AMD, MAXON, etc.
The mentioned meetup is certainly only the first step in the cooperation that Bosnia Agile intends to continue with this worthy and ambitious team.

Presentation: Agilni razvoj proizvoda from Bosnia Agile

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