Bosnia Agile at Agile Adria 2015

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Bosnia Agile was invited to the Agile Adria, the fourth Agile Croatia conference that was held from April 13 to 15 in the beautiful natural surroundings of Terme Tuhelj. The visitors, mainly from the Croatian, but also other countries in the region, had the opportunity to attend a series of lectures and workshops. In particular, keynote speakers were well received:

Mary Poppendieck (USA) with a lecture "The scaling dilemma" and "Value Stream Mapping" workshop, which was referred to the importance of communication between teams working on software development and how today's companies have to orient to the end user, and not as in the past just think of things like cutting costs or deadlines, in order to eventually have a successful product, and better business results.

Tom Gilb (Norway), Agile's grandfather, as he likes to say for itself with the theme "Power to the Programmers!", which also conducted all-day workshop on "Lean QA: Much more cost-effective quality assurance methods, than testing".

Stephen Parry (United Kingdom) with the theme "Frontier challenges for the Lean and Agile to stay on purpose" and the workshop "'I am Spartacus' - would the real lean thinker please stand up?".

Other speakers topics varied from the practical exercise of making the product according to Scrum principles, open space discussion of how to extract more value from retrospective through special exercises, so that everyone could find something for themselves.

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