2015 State of Scrum Benchmark Report published

In February 2015, Scrum Alliance® surveyed almost 5,000 people about their use of Scrum. The survey respondents make up a diverse group, representing 108 countries and more than 14 industries. They reflect a range of functional areas, including IT software development, product development, operations, human resources, executives, and sales and marketing. 

From the survey results, we see that Scrum is becoming an increasingly popular and in-demand framework. In fact, nearly half the respondents report that Scrum is being used 50% or more of the time in their organizations, and 29% of respondents report it’s used much more frequently than that. The survey uncovered some interesting key findings…findings that not only reflect where Scrum is today but what we can anticipate it will look like tomorrow. These include who is practicing Scrum, how they are practicing it, success levels associated with Scrum, and plans for continuing to use it.


Regarding Scrum certification it’s rarely required but commonly recommended. 81% of respondents believe certification has helped their Scrum practice. Nearly half of respondents’ organizations recommend certification, though only 7% require it. 59% of all Scrum Masters are certified. 

You can access the whole report here.

Bosnia Agile is organizing Scrum Masterclass on August 14th-15th 2015. in Sarajevo, which is a two-day training that provides a comprehensive understanding of Scrum theory, backgrounds and motivation for Scrum practice, and explain mechanisms of its practical application in development projects, so that projects are implemented in time, within optimal budget and by fulfilling customer needs as the highest business priority for Scrum projects. After this training, trainees will be able to more efficiently practice their role of Scrum Master, Product Owner or a Development team member.

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