In cooperation with BitCamp project, Bosnia Agile successfully delivered two-days training for this program participants. On February 5th and 6th 2015, at International university of Sarajevo campus, training participants had a chance to learn about values and principles behind agile product development, as well as concepts and practices defined by Scrum framework.

Bosnia Agile trainer Kemal Bajramovic, who led this training event, explained mechanism of practical implementation of Scrum framework in development projects, so that projects are implemented on time, within budget, at sustainable pace and in way it is a win-win situation for both software development company and the client side.

Bosnia Agile express its gratitude to Naida Dervishalidovic and Zana Karkin Muslic from BitCamp on excellent organization of the training event and to all participants on cooperation and enthusiasm expressed. We hope we’ll have a chance to continue our successful cooperation in the future.

Bosnia Agile, in cooperation with Rotary Club Sarajevo, granted a scholarship for 2014-2015 year. Eligible candidates were students from second and third year from Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. Criteria included average grade, participation in relevant competitions, volunteering, being active in sport or culture, as well as two essays, one of which was related to advantages of using agile methodologies in software project management.

After evaluation of the received application and interviews, Orhan Ljubunčić, third year student, was chosen as a winner. Orhan’s average grade for last two years was 9,05 (out of 10). The value of the scholarship is 1.500 KM.

In cooperation with American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia Agile has successfully completed its first Scrum coaching semester.

The sophomores who attended the Project Management course were actively involved in simulated Scrum activities which were the integral part of their individual projects. Five weeks long program was led by Bosnia Agile trainer Nermina Durmic.

Bosnia Agile would like to thank the course professor Jasna Pleho, for being an extraordinary host, and we are looking forward to working together in future.

Very well designed training and very innovative approach to information systems design and development, which facilitates achieving quality and better business value for contracting authorities in their information systems development efforts” was one of many positive reviews given by participants of “Procurement and agile information systems development” training held mid-December 2014. In Sarajevo, Bosnia. This two-day training was a first event we organized for public sector institutions and other non-software companies dealing with procurement of software development services and information systems project management. 

Attendees have recognized a necessity for agility throughout the system development life cycle – from initial project idea, over preparation of ToR and tender dossier with initial Product backlog, to engaged and continuous participation in system design and development, and, finally, securing mechanism for sustainable and continuous maintenance and improvement of the system in production. 

Scaling agility is a challenge with many aspects. With scaling agility we have to leave the happy kingdom of development and have to stand more or less exhausting battles with organizational change, communication in all areas of the value chain from marketing over product management to operation. In the lecture “A Game of Thrones” Rainer Grau explains different frameworks and approaches out there on the market about how to scale: Agility Path, SAFe, DAD, Less, etc. and why additional world of war between those is unneeded, unsettling, and a source of doubt for organization striving to improve by scaling agile.

Read more: “A Game of Thrones” lecture and interview with Rainer Grau

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